My name is Melissa. I live in Seattle with 3 cats, a daughter (born 2010), and a co-parent named Shane. I’m a writer, social justice advocate, beer and coffee snob, and deeply hopeful cynic.

I started this blog in 2010 when my baby was tiny, because I wanted to share my perspective on parenting, beer, and our amazing city. Seattle isn’t the most “kid friendly”* place, and the transition from enjoying our city as an adult to navigating Washington State liquor laws regarding minors can be difficult.

I updated regularly for a couple of years, then I got addicted to Facebook. Now I’m back.

This blog is still useful for people with little kids in Seattle. I hope it’s also interesting (and maybe useful) for others.

The best advice anyone shared when I became a mom was to get out of the house every day. I try to do just that–but where should I go? What if she cries, or needs a diaper? How much stuff do I bring (hint: VERY LITTLE) and how do I keep her entertained (hint: TREAT HER LIKE A PERSON).

As my daughter has gotten older, going out has become more interesting for both of us. She’s become pretty good at pool and very good at pinball. Hanging out in bars gives her a perspective on how to be part of an extended, diverse community.

When reviewing a location, I’ll try to notice, remember, and record:

  • Location & hours of operation
  • Transit access and/or parking
  • Accessibility for strollers/space to put carriers
  • Cost
  • Activities & safety issues
  • Food/drink (for kids and adults)
  • Restrooms and changing table
  • Overall welcome (or not) towards kids & babies
  • Space/privacy to nurse

Transportation tips: get out of the car! Seattle has terrible traffic and even worse parking. We have reasonable transit and our cycling infrastructure is decent.

We often “wore” the baby, which I find easier than navigating a stroller. I never used the “bucket” from the carseat to carry my baby. Strollers can be great, but please be courteous: park and/or fold your stroller instead of taking up the aisle. Use the stroller in less busy places, at less busy times. Please don’t use bike racks for stroller parking–cyclists need those spaces. If you’re biking with a kid (yay!) think through how you’re going to store helmets.


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