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Child-rearing advice from snarky hipsters

12 Oct

Here’s a Slog poll about babies making noise in public; let the child/parent-bashing begin.

For the record, I voted that you shouldn’t have kids unless you can deal with this circumstance before it ends up on Slog. Off-the cuff snarkery, just like they want to see.

Here are some choices I wish would have been included in the poll:

  • Pack lots of little toys the baby hasn’t seen/hasn’t seen in a while
  • Take frequent strolls around the place
  • Keep baby occupied with bites of pho
  • Ask for the food to go after the first glass of wine
  • Arrive when the restaurant isn’t very busy
  • Make eye contact with the snarky hipsters plotting their blog post about your happy baby, smile, and ask if they’d like to hold the baby while you finish your drink
  • Make eye contact with the most visibly disturbed person, smile, and send a drink to her table