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28 Sep

If you’re looking for stylish and practical toddler/young child gear, you have to visit Tottini. Close to transit, shopping, and snacks.

Duke’s Chowder House

27 Sep
After our South Lake Union Park adventure, we stopped at Duke’s Chowder House. Lunch was delicious, service was friendly and prompt. The only fly in the soup was that mama had to change a diaper–there’s no changing table in the men’s room!
Cost: Menu has a range of prices; average $15 per person
Fun for parents? yes
Welcoming to kids? yes; servers were friendly and made faces at the baby
Alcohol available? beer, wine & cocktail menu
High chairs? yes
Restrooms/changing table: changing table in women’s room only
Accessible via transit? yes
Parking nearby? yes

South Lake Union Park/Center for Wooden Boats

27 Sep

On Sunday 9/27, we struck out for the newly opened South Lake Union Park. We started on light rail to Westlake then walked over to the South Lake Union Trolley Streetcar stop a couple of blocks away.

The streetcar took us all the way to the new park, where we discovered the Fremont Sunday Ice Cream cruise (an adventure for another day) and explored the Center for Wooden Boats display boats. Visitors are encouraged to climb aboard the Arthur Foss, an historic tugboat. There’s even a working head (toilet) for toddler emergencies!

There’s lots to see and plenty of activities for older kids and adults. Baby enjoyed people watching, climbing in and out of the boat, and being outside. Parents enjoyed the views.

Great views, gently sloped grassy knolls, and lots of footpaths in this park. No toys, but if your little ones absolutely must have a slide there’s a small play area nearby.

At a glance:

Open Hours: park is open during the day
Cost: Free! Center for Wooden Boats and cruises charge and/or request donations for their services
Fun for parents? yes
Fun for kids? all ages
Caution–as the name suggests, South Lake Union Park is near water. Watch kids carefully.
Activities available: tours, walking, boat rental, cruises
Food/drink available: none in park, nearby restaurants
Restrooms/changing table: public restrooms in the Armory; emergency bathroom available on the Arthur Foss
Accessible via transit? yes
Parking nearby? There is a parking lot.