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Beer on Beacon Hill

17 Apr

We moved to Beacon Hill in 2003. Java Love was just transitioning to Baja Bistro, La Cabana still served up friendly, cheesy Tex-Mex, and Perry Ko’s was just about to be torn down to begin construction on the Light Rail Station. There was a lot going on in our neighborhood, but there wasn’t anywhere to go for a “craft beer”–that required a trip to Georgetown, downtown, or (maybe) Columbia City. That’s changed–completely.

I can’t believe I stopped updating this blog before the bar boom began on Beacon Hill. We now have more places than I can count for enjoying a beer and some snacks. The Station (and The Station Wine Bar) Tippe and Drague, Perhelion, Oak, Bar del Corso, El Quetzal…I’m forgetting someone. My review of the Jefferson Golf Course Clubhouse is now way out of date–it’s been demolished and replaced with fancy.

There’s a lot of that going on around Seattle these days–demolition and development. Beacon Hill has changed a lot. New buildings, new people, new infrastructure. It’s confusing and exciting and scary. I’ve watched these changes (and been part of advocating for & against some of them) as I’ve watched my daughter grow.

For the most part, I’m happy to welcome new neighbors and visit new restaurants. I’m sad that Monti’s closed, but I’ll check out “the new place” (Clock-Out Lounge). I miss the neighbors who moved out, but I’ll go say hi to the new folks down the block.

I love being able to choose between hipster bars to enjoy the best IPA & fries. Every single one of the places I’ve listed is owned & operated by neighbors–people who live in Beacon Hill. Most of the employees also live in our neighborhood. The bars & restaurants reflect the diversity of my changing neighborhood, including me. I’m happy to bring my kid in and enjoy popcorn, a cheese plate, and a locally brewed sour ale at Tippe & Drague. If they’re busy, we can hit up Oak for a cupcake and some killer fried chicken. Or maybe we’re in the mood for the best mole in Seattle…and maybe the lady who makes it is working today at El Quetzal.

Change is hard, and we need to be thoughtful and aware of the impact of development in our communities. So far, the change that has happened in Beacon Hill has only made happy hour better.


Baja Bistro

3 Oct

Baja Bistro is one of our favorite places. Great breakfasts and fantastic drinks. The servers are friendly and the overall ambiance is relaxed and welcoming. This is one of the few places with a full liquor license on Beacon Hill.

Note: Baja Bistro is also known as Java Love. There’s a full-service espresso shop in the restaurant, and a 21+ bar accessible via the other entrance.

Location & hours of operation: 2414 Beacon Ave S;  Mon-Sun 8am-10pm

Transit access and/or parking: close to BH Light Rail Station & #36 bus; on street parking

Accessibility for strollers & little legs: tight quarters for a stroller, no stairs so perfect for little legs.

Cost: Happy hour is a great deal with $3 tacos & other snacks. Regular menu is reasonably priced; expect about $10/per person without drinks. Margaritas are so good you should budget for them.

Activities & safety issues: this is a restaurant. Bring your own small toys/activities.

Food/drink (for kids and adults): outstanding Mexican food, fresh & authentic. Very good margaritas.

Restrooms and changing table: no changing table, 2 clean restrooms.

Overall welcome (or not) towards kids & babies: very, very friendly & welcoming.

Space/privacy to nurse: no special place, but they’re perfectly comfortable with nursing mothers

Beacon Hill gems

3 Oct

Our neighborhood has great restaurants–and every single one of them has been baby-friendly. I haven’t noticed any changing tables, but we live close enough it hasn’t been a problem.

Baby-friendly is an understatement. The owners and staff of Baja Bistro, The Station, El Quetzel, La Cabana, Tasha’s, Red Apple, and Cucina Filipina welcome babies and kids with open arms. They smile, coo, and chatter at babies and toddlers.  I’ve seen special meals/snacks brought out to keep the little ones entertained. More than once, people have asked if they can hold our baby while we eat.

I’ll write specific reviews for each place, but I want to shout out loud how amazing our community is.