Get out there!

9 Oct

I started this blog because I want to share ideas for moms (and dads!) to get out with baby.  Many new parents stay home, alone, because they are afraid. Afraid the baby will cry in a public place. Afraid the baby will need to be fed, or changed. Afraid they will be judged as parents, or other people will dislike their infant.

The bad news: all of the above (and worse) is going to happen to every family. Your baby is going to cry on the bus, in the cafe, and in line at the bank. You’re going to have to change a blowout on the (cold/dirty) floor of a restaurant. People will stare, judge, and maybe even say unkind things. (many more people will be sympathetic and even helpful.)

The good news: it will be okay.  Being embarrassed or frustrated is worth NOT being isolated, bored, or hungry. We all have our shining moments–our good hair days, when everything comes together. We also all have Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days. Babies are little people, and will sometimes be difficult to deal with. It’s okay.

You are a good parent. You’re doing it right. You and your child deserve to be seen and heard.

The best news: the more you get out, the more confident you’ll feel. You’ll see other families and get ideas about what pieces of baby gear work and pick up techniques for entertaining or soothing. You’ll notice what kind of environment your baby enjoys and places that don’t work as well. Your baby will learn how to interact with people in different environments. Hopefully this blog will help you find places that welcome you & baby and avoid those who don’t.

In case breastfeeding is holding you back: 50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anytime, Anywhere

My favorite: #27 “So that mothers continue to be good consumers, spending their money in stores, cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, airlines, resorts, sporting events, and more all while nursing their child (instead of staying at home).”


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